Bee Sane….

Thanks for joining me!  This is the first in a series of posts about mental wellness.  “Bee Sane” is the first and the core because, let’s face it…we all want to bee sane.  As a mental health therapist, my primary intervention is the practice of therapy.  I work with people to help them process and understand parts of themselves or their lives that are making them feel lost, confused, hurt, angry, despondent, overwhelmed or just *crazy*.

The “Bee Sane” series will be a series of posts, tips/tricks and motivational tools to help us achieve this simple, fundamental and common goal in our lives.  To focus on finding the peace and joy in each day, despite the chaos we generally see or feel around us.

Let us begin at the beginning and begin simply.  In order to Bee Sane, we must believe sanity is possible…and not only possible, but achievable.  Each one of us can find that clarity and sanity in our lives by:

(1) Adjusting our perspective and expectations of ourselves and others and

(2) Consciously manifesting these adjustments in our daily lives.

Put simply, change your perspective and do it daily.  So find your hope.  Follow my blog, get a therapist, read inspirational literature, journal, breathe, walk, start somewhere, but no matter what – begin! Believe it can change and begin down that garden path today.

REFLECTION QUESTION: When thinking about the last thing that happened to me that felt “crazy” – how did I *expect* it to go instead and how can I adjust my expectation in the future to avoid the same disappointment?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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